Chyi-Shin Shu, President

Occupation: Business Analyst, Liberty Mutual

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Night markets are THE BEST, hands down.

Hobbies: Vegetarian cooking/baking

Why TAP: TAP means a great deal to me because I have found a close-knit community of intelligent, driven individuals who support and push me to become a better person. It is also a place where I can revisit my roots as a Taiwanese American. Finally, it allows me to expand my network and meet awesome people like you!


Lloyd Liang, External Vice-President

Occupation: Senior Clinical Research Coordinator, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Food and Culture

Hobbies: Tennis, basketball, movies, and eating yummy food

Why TAP: I joined TAP to get more involved and positively make an impact on both the TAP and Boston community.


Li-Ming Tseng, Internal Vice-President

Occupation: International Advancement Coordinator, Harvard University

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Nothing beats eating Taiwanese breakfast on plastic stools sharing a rickety table with other random people. I love the crowded streets, and amazing knick knacks you can find at the 7-11s and Family Marts.

Hobbies: Doing the following with friends and family: Baking, biking, hiking, building sandcastles, playing board games, and travelling.

Why TAP: TAP bridges the gap between work and social life. There is something for everyone at TAP! – those who want to give back to the community, build their career, expand their social circle, learn more about Taiwanese culture, and more!


Ted Bang, Treasurer

Occupation: Investment Banking Analyst

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The close-knit community and inclusive, open-minded culture.

Hobbies: Being active! I love playing basketball, football, baseball, swimming, water polo, rowing, and paint-balling. Basically, I love anything that’s interactive, competitive, and team-oriented.

Why TAP: Having moved to Boston a year ago, I found TAP to be a great community to explore the city, forge great friendships, and impact the local community. Though not being Taiwanese myself, I was immediately accepted into the community. I hope to continue to strengthen the TAP community and introduce it to others!


Jen Tsang, Social Chair

Occupation: Senior Customer Experience Specialist, Liberty Mutual

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The food with the exception of oyster omelettes.

Hobbies: Trying out new recipes when I’m in the mood, trying different restaurants with friends, having an unofficial paint nite, and visiting out of state/country friends.

Why TAP: I want to do more with my time in Boston and joining TAP is a great opportunity to do exactly that. With TAP, I feel like I’m broadening my skill sets, meeting new people, and pursuing new interests, both inside and outside of Boston.


Anthony Wu, Cultural Chair & Tech Chair

Occupation: Senior Member of Technical Staff (Integration Services Engineering), athenahealth

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Food. Obviously.

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, film, cycling

Why TAP: I’ve grown to really admire the community and the cultural force that TAP represents in the Boston area, and am honored to carry that spirit and mission forward.


Vanessa Chiang, Mentorship Chair

Occupation: Data science

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Getting to visit family + food

Hobbies: Traveling/exploring, eating, spending time with family/friends

Why TAP: TAP is a community that not only is very welcoming and supportive, but it is a community that allows me to grow. I started out as part of the mentorship program and have learned a great deal. Moreover, I’m new to Boston. When I moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone, TAP was the community that I knew I could seek out and find a new home.


Karl Wang, Professional Development Chair

Occupation: Business Development, health IT startup

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Noms

Hobbies: Strategic board games, improv comedy, cooking… of the loosely follow recipes variety

Why TAP: When joining TAP, you join a group of self-driven, down-to-earth, positive individuals who are committed to helping others and enjoying all aspects of life. I’ve been able to develop both personally and professionally as well as broaden my understanding of Taiwanese American culture. I look forward to continuing to give back to the community that has given me so much!


Rich Li, Community Development Chair

Occupation: PhDing in Aerospace (think rockets and planes), MIT

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Some serious BNS (Beef noodle soup)

Hobbies: Sailing/windsurfing, outdoor rock climbing, snowboarding, or building random things out of carbon fiber (ukulele, hyperloop…)

Why TAP: TAP is a welcoming environment filled with driven people who are passionate about serving the Boston community. This fun bunch fosters the building of new friendships, networks, and leadership/professional skills – all the while having a great time!


Eric Lee, Marketing Chair

Occupation: Product Manager

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Taiwanese small eats! Taiwanese fried chicken, beef noodle soup, and more

Hobbies: HIIT (interval training), trying new restaurants, maximizing credit card points

Why TAP: Growing up as a minority in the US, I’ve appreciated being able to be part of the local Asian American community created by organizations similar to TAP. TAP gives me a chance to give back to the existing community and help maintain cultural identity for future generations as well.